Popular floor plans from Commodore's various divisions :
Wilson Homes
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Commodore Homes of Indiana online floor plan brochures:
Aurora Ranch & Cape Plans (2018)
Grandville Ranch & Cape Plans (2018)
We have included links to Commodore's other divisions online floor plan brochures .  Not all, but most of the floor plans can be built in
our Indiana facility (no 2 story's at this time).  Sometime we will use the lower portion of a 2 story home and customize from that.  We hope
you enjoy looking through all the various floor plans we have to offer.  
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Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania
(Pennwest Divsion)
Cambridge Ranch and Cape (2014)
Pennwest Ranch Homes (2014)
Pennwest Cape Homes (2014)
Pennwest 2-Story Homes (2014)
PennFlex Ranch Homes (2014)
Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania
(Manorwood Divsion)
Manorwood Ranch & Cape (2014)
Manorwood 2-Story (2014)
Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania
(Colony Division)
Cornerstone Ranch (2014)
Deer Creek Ranch (2014)
Falcon Ranch (2014)
Villa & 2bed plans (2014)
Timberland Ranch (2014)
Commodore Homes
Rockbridge Ranch (2014)
Blue Ridge Ranch (2014)
Commodore Homes of Indiana online feature brochures:
Options & Upgrades Brochure (2018)
Decor Selection guide (2018)
The Commodore Difference
Evermore Custom Cabinetry
Appliance Selection Guide (2018)
Grandville Ultra Plans (2018)
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Grandville Forever Plans (2018)
Added on 4/8/2018
Discontinued floor plans that can still be built.  
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