Wilson Homes
About Us
Our Team
Kurt has worked in the site built home and modular construction
trade his entire life. Kurt originally started working for my dad over
20 years ago and is still with us today.  He understands the how to
assemble our Commodore modular homes.  He is one of our
company’s important assests.  Kurt handles the overall setup of the
home once the home is placed onto the foundation.  This would
include framing end walls, building dormers, securing home to
foundation, installing jack posts, finishing HVAC and electrical
connections, site cleanup and many other details.  Kurt also handles
our garage and deck packages.  
Kurt Naeger (Naeger Contracting)
Mark and Logan Grither
Mark has worked in the carpentry and site-built construction field
most hit entire life.  Mark started working for my dad over 20 years
ago and is still with us today.  Mark handles much of the exterior
finish work siding, facia, soffit and various trim installations.  His son
Logan started to help with some of the finish work a few years ago.  
Mark does excellent work and is extremely familiar with our homes.
Paul Meyer (Precision Transport)
Paul has been delivering mobile home and modular units for over 30
years.  He is one of the most experienced drivers you will ever find.  
Paul has been delivering homes for over 25 years and his expertise
in very much appreciated.  He’s always willing to lend a hand on set
days, if we need an extra hand and takes the upmost care of the
home when delivering.  He is one of our most valuable employees
and without him my job would be much more difficult.
Matt Parish (Preferred Contracting)
Patrick manages Wilson Homes and will serve as your main point of
contact throughout the building process.  Patrick handles floorplan
design, pricing of the home and serves as your main point of contact
throughout this entire process.  He has been designing and building
modular homes for over 15 years. He is involved with almost every
delivery and setup of the home.  Therefore, when you sit down to
discuss your project you can speak with someone that has hands on
experience with product.
Patrick Wilson
Wilson Homes is a small modular home builder located 30 miles South of St. Louis.  We are family owned and operated.  We are
very hands on with all the projects we undertake, so we typically only build 8 - 12 homes per year.  Most of our contractors have
worked for us for over 20+ years and the owner (Patrick Wilson) is involved with every home we build.  This enables our customer to
work directly with owner and the most competent and experienced contractors in the business today.  We represent only one
manufacturer, Commodore Homes, and have had a solid relationship with them for over 25 years.  Commodore Homes is a privately
owned and family ran company.  With our experienced contractors and reputable manufacturer, we bring a level of quality and
assurance to the modular building process that few other builders can replicate.
Matt has worked in the manufactured and modular construction trade for
over 20+ years.  He started working for us in 2010.  Matt handles all the
drywall finish work, interior doors, interior finish trim and flooring.  Matt
works for other builders as well, so he is familiar with a variety of homes
and different finishing applications.  He is one of the best interior finish
contractors.  No other interior contractors take the time to glue all the
marriage line sheet rock in, so that it doesn't crack.  He takes the time
to prefill stress cracks on drywall and then spray glues his mesh tape.  
He also uses only quick setting compound (no premix on 1st or 2nd
coats of mudd), which helps to avoid future cracking.