Question: How well do modular homes stand up against storms?
Anwser: The anwser may suprise you, but modular homes are 20%-30% stronger than stick-built homes.  In a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) study following
the Hurricane Andrew in 1992, it was found that wood-frame modular homes in hard-hit Dade County, Florida, stood up to the devastating winds better than stick-built homes.
Follow the link to see the study ->
"Modular Homes Make Sense"
Wilson Homes
What is the typical turnaround time?
3-5 months is the typical turnaround time.  It takes 6-8 weeks to build the home and have it delivered to our property.  During this time most of the necessary site-work is
completed.  Once the home is placed on the foundation we will need an additional 4-5 weeks to finish the home.  Electric must be turned on to commence drywall and interior

How far away will you build your homes?
We typically stay within a 150 mile radius of our sales center.  When we build past this distance we may require additional time and travel costs, depending upon the  that the
homeowner handle the site-work himself or sub-contract the work. (Foundation, excavation, well, septic)

Where do I start and how does this whole process work?
Step one would be pricing a home.  This would entail taking the base price and adding upgrades you would like to consider.  Typically we go over the options and upgrades
with you, but (upon request) we can give you an option pricing packet to review the various options and upgrades we have to offer.  Once the home is priced with upgrades
we will still need to add in for site-work.  The site-work estimate will typically cover clearing, excavation, foundation, septic, well, trenching, electric connection, drain line
completion, gutters and any other items that need to be accounted for.  You can hire your own general contractor to help with the site preparation or we can recommend one
of our reputable general contractors that can handle everything from start to finish.  If you are building in Jefferson or St. Louis County it is highly recommended that you
consider letting us assist with the permit process.  Illinois customers (Monroe, Madison & St. Clair) will have to pull their own permits.

Does a modular home finance the same as manufactured home (i.e. double-wide)?
NO, modular homes finance the same as stick-built homes and use stick-built homes for a comparable when appraisals are conducted.  Modular homes can be financed
through conventional financing terms.  

Where can I obtain a construction loan?
Wilson Homes can handle your construction loan in-house, with end loan approval.  We can obtain end loan approval with your bank or one of our local banks.  

What kind of warranty agreement will I receive when I build with Wilson Homes?(Included in base price)
Wilson Homes will provide a 1 year full service warranty from the date your home is finished.  Items such as (appliances, shingles, flooring, and siding) carry their own separate
warranty through the manufacturer.

Can I order just the home and hire my own sub-contractors to finish the home or just parts of the home?
Yes, you can choose which portions of the home you want to complete yourself.  You can choose to hire your own (flooring contractor, plumber, electrician, foundation
contractor, etc.).  

Why should I choose Wilson Homes?
We have one of the best reputations in the industry.  The owners are directly involved with every home we build.  We have been an exclusive Commodore builder for over 20
years and many of the contractors we use have been with us for over 15 years.  

Can I customize my plan and does it cost more?
Yes, you can customize.  It does cost an extra $250 - $2000 because the floor plan has to be reengineered.  If only a few changes are made it does not cost much.  You can
stretch and/or widen floor plans, interchange kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and omit items for site construction.  Average cost is typically $750.