Wilson Homes
About the owner
Hi!  My name is Patrick Wilson, thanks for taking time to visit our website
and learn more about our company.  I’ll start by giving some background
on myself and how I came about running Wilson Homes.  

I grew up in Jefferson County Missouri and have worked in the modular
construction trade with my mom and dad most my entire adolescent life.  I
attended Crystal City High School and went to college at UCM (University
of Central Missouri) where I played football (kicker).  I graduated in 2005
with a business degree in Finance.  After completing college, I went to
work for an independent financial advisory firm.  I worked as a financial
advisor for approximately 2 years before my father Larry Wilson was
diagnosed with ALS and passed away in 2007.  This left the business with
my mom to operate (Dolores Wilson).  In 2007 I decided to leave the
financial field to help my mom run Wilson Homes.  

In 2013 I decided to reset our lot models and just show one amazing
display home.  I am very hands on with the business and involved with
almost every delivery and set.  Which enables me to stay on top of major
aspects of your home and keeps me more up to date on how our end
product finishes and areas we might want to avoid or improve upon.

My hobbies include boating, camping, wakeboarding, snowboarding and
kiteboarding.  I love camping and can be found almost every weekend at
Clearwater Lake or Rend Lake during the spring and summer.  I am
single, do not have any children and spend a great deal of time with my
mom, (2) sisters, (2) nieces and (2) nephews.

Hopefully this overview has given you some insight into our business and
myself.  I look forward for the opportunity to work together.